With so many programs now being cloud based, businesses are reliant on fast and reliable broadband. 
Is your current business broadband provider letting you down? 
Unfortunately, occasionally we experience issues with broadband, which can be caused by various reasons and for most businesses, this causes everything to grind to a halt. As lost working time costs money to businesses, you need a broadband provider that is available to investigate the reasons quickly. Sometimes it will be a major fault, but in most cases, the issue can be rectified very quickly, allowing your business to carry on functioning. 

Different Types of Business Broadband 

There are four different types of broadband available to businesses, although some are not always available in all areas, we have listed below the four different types. 


This is the standard broadband that is available to all businesses, but it is the slowest as it is provided over a standard copper telephone wire. Speeds can also differ depending on how far away from the telephone exchange your business is. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t a straight-line distance, as it depends on how far the phone cables cover. ADSL broadband may be perfectly adequate if you don’t have many employees and don’t need to worry too much about the speed of the internet. If your business relies on internet-based programs and you have quite a few employees, then this is probably not the best option for you. It is also the cheapest broadband option. 


If your business only has ADSL broadband as an option and it is not adequate for your requirements, then the next option is FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet). FTTC involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange or distribution point to the street cabinet, the green ones that you see on street corners, which then connect to a standard phone line to your premises to provide broadband.  
If you would like to know what types of business broadband are available in your area or would like to discuss your business broadband, please call us on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form. 
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