Are your business computers slow to get started in the morning? 
Do you turn on your computer and go and make a coffee, knowing it can take that long for it to be ready to use? 

Slow Technology Costs Your Business Money 

Did you know that we lose an average of 46 minutes a day because of slow technology, which equates to a 24 days of work time a year. These figures are quite staggering, when you then factor in how much your employees earn, how much is that 24 days costing your business? 
According to the Office of National Statistics, at February 2020 average regular pay, before tax and other deductions, for employees in Great Britain was £511 per week. This equates to £102.20 per day, if you multiply that by the 24 days, that equates to just over £2450, per employee. 
If your computers were working at optimum speed, the additional time alone could allow you to take on more clients, at the very least your workforce would be more effective. As these figures are an average, how much more would this be for Managers or higher paid employees? 
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But time lost isn’t the only consideration, when your business computers are running slowly, it also hinders productivity. If you are mid flow on a piece of work and your computer suddenly decides it isn’t going to play ball, you can very easily lose the thread of where you were. This is also costing your business time and money. 
How does it appear to your customers or potentional customers, if, while on the phone, they have to wait for your system to load to be able to access the program that you need? 
Time is money to your businesses and slow computers waste that valuable time. 
All businesses have deadlines and KPIs that they need to achieve, working with a business computer that is slow will have an impact on achieving these. This can mean that working outside of your official hours is required in order to meet deadlines. If you are the business owner, working long hours is usually accepted as normal, but what about your employees? 
Research has also found that slow computers can affect employee motivation. It is a proven fact that the happier and more motivated your employees are, the more productive they are. 
How much more productive would you and your employees be if your business computers were running at optimum speed? And how much money and hours could you save your business? 
Our business computer health checks are free, we will provide you with a report and recommendations. Not all slow computers need replacing, they may just require some maintenance. If you do require new computers, we can supply them and set up them up with all your required programs. 
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