Cyber security is becoming an ever-increasing challenge for businesses and you should not assume that as an SME you are safe from cyber threats or cyber attacks. 
Securing your business data and systems is paramount to any business for several reasons 
GDPR breach = loss of business and potential fines 
Lost data = loss of business 
Locked out of systems = cost to business 
Loss of trust = loss of business 
Ransomware = cost to business 
We have seen real examples of how cyber security can affect small businesses and the financial effects on them. But as a small business you do not have to spend thousands of pounds to protect yourself and your data, you just need the right software and hardware installed. 

Free Security Review 

We offer a free security review, without going into technical details, we check how secure your systems are, with a non-invasive approach and without installing any software. Our security review will highlight all the areas that we feel need attention to give you confidence that you are protected from cyber attacks. 
We will detail our suggested steps forward, timescales, implications and costs. Then working hand in hand with you we can plan the necessary work to fit around your business. Your data and IT systems are probably some of the most important assets that your business has, so make sure you are looking after them and protecting them. 

Cyber Security Products and Services 


Usually initiated with an email, Ramsomware is a newer, cleverer way of extorting money from people. 
When the black market for credit card details and private data dried up, attackers realised that data was probably most valuable to the owner and therefore stopping access to that data was probably good business. 
They were right! While it is sometimes possible to un-encrypt and rescue the data without paying the ransom, the best form of defence is an off line backup. 


Most people think that hacking is only relevant to large businesses and organisations and that no-one would be interested in their data. This is not the case. How often do you hear of a friend’s Facebook account being hacked? Hackers do not always go after large organisations, they also attack smaller businesses and people, to obtain access to bank accounts and other sensitive information. 

Phishing Emails 

Phishing emails are getting more sophisticated, some look completely legitimate, even down to the email address of the sender. These emails usually ask you to download an attachment or follow a link, which can then install a program on your PC. Do your staff and colleagues know how to spot a phishing email? 


This protects you while you are browsing the internet, it protects you from dodgy websites and downloading unsafe material onto your computer. Some antivirus programs can slow your PCs down, which is why we always recommend an antivirus program that will not have a detrimental effect on your PC speed, to all our customers. Antivirus programs also scan your computer for any viruses, malware, trojans and malicious programs and will quarantine or delete them, keeping your systems safe. 

Spam Protection 

91% of all cyber-attacks start with an email. Spam protection monitors your emails and any attachments by scanning your emails and check any incoming email traffic. The Advanced Threat Protection software that we offer can even detect hidden text within images that could harm your PC. 

Firewall & Routers 

Most standard routers that are supplied by internet providers are not secure enough to protect your data and often come with standard passwords that are easily hacked. We can configure your router to be more secure or we can install an additional perimeter firewall for further protection. 

Protecting You from Internal Threats 

Unfortunately it’s not just external influences that can affect the integrity of your data – unauthorised machines or peripherals introduced into your system can cause as many problems and data can quickly be copied, removed or compromised by devious individuals – or by accident. We have a range of tools and systems we can implement to protect you from intentional, or accidental, system and data corruption. Simple to use and keep running in the background, they help to give everyone confidence. 
Click here to read our blog about The Importance of Secure Passwords. 

Patch Management 

All operating systems and software regularly produce updates to either fix bugs or security issues, and so do software companies and hardware providers. Unfortunately, and sometimes depending on your PC settings, these updates may not be installed straight away, this can leave your PCs vulnerable. In some instances, these updates are not rolled out to all PCs at the same time. 
Patch Management Software is continually searching for relevant updates to the OS, software and hardware within your PC and your routers and firewalls, it will then automatically download relevant updates for you. 

What is the benefit of Patch Management Software? 

It proactively installs new updates, meaning that any security or bug fixes are installed as soon as they are identified, keeping your IT equipment secure and running smoothly. 

Cyber Security Training 

We also offer training to businesses, to help their colleagues understand the implications and threats of cyber security and give practical training on how to spot a cyber attack or cyber threat. Improving their knowledge and being aware of how cyber attacks can be detected and stopped, will reduce the risk. 
We can also refer you to companies that can help you to achieve the Government’s Cyber Essentials Accreditation, which gives your customers the peace of mind that their data held by you is safe and secure. 
Call us on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form to get your Business IT running smoothly again. 
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