It’s all very well having a great new on-site server, or the latest computer equipment installed in your office, but if you haven't got expertly installed data cabling, then your computer equipment may not be working to an optimal state. 
It is critical to use exactly the right cable for the job, have it installed correctly and make sure it is neat, tidy and unable to be damaged. 
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Our data cabling team will firstly survey your business premises to ascertain the best data cabling option for your requirements. 
They will consider 
How long the data cabling will need to be; 
What bandwidth/capacity you require; 
How many users you have; 
Whether you require high speeds of data transfer; 
What your type of existing data cabling is; 
The optimum placement of the data cabling; 
Any future additional cabling that may be required. 
Once this has been considered, we will then advise which type of data cable would be required. 
There are two types of cabling available 

Data Cable 

There are several different standard data cables being Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7a. These are all twisted pair cables, with the cable inside being copper. Each of these four types of cable have their own benefits but for most data cabling installations either Cat 5e or Cat6 will be sufficient for your business needs.  
However this will depend on the length of the cabling that you require, as twisted pair cabling only covers distances up to 100m. Additional hardware can be fitted to extend the length, although fibre optic cabling may be a better solution. 

Fibre Optic Cable 

Unlike twisted pair cabling, fibre optic cabling is suitable for installations in excess of 100m, without any loss to the integrity of the data signal. Fibre Optic cables also transfer data a lot faster, are more durable and provide greater protection from interference. 
Once your requirements have been fully established our team will then plan your cabling installation from start to finish to ensure that it is problem free. We are also aware that having data cabling installed can be disruptive to the day to day running of your business, which is why we are able to complete installations outside of your business hours. 

Why Choose Keba Computer Services for your Data Cabling? 

The right data cable for your requirements – we take the time to understand your requirements so that we can offer you the right data cable for your business. 
No unsightly wires, no chance of damage – the last thing you want is downtime caused by damage to cables that have been badly installed. 
Cause as little disruption as possible to your business – We will install the data cables when it is most convenient for you. 
Care of your building – it is your building and you do not want huge unnecessary holes in it, so we take care to get it right, to keep disturbance to a minimum. 
Clear up after ourselves – yes there might be some dust, yes, we might have to move a few things around to get the best install, but we will clean up after ourselves. 
Fully tested systems at the end of the installation – and finally we will make sure your system if fully tested before we finish. 
For a free on-site survey, followed by a fixed price quote with no hidden costs and finally a brilliant job installing your new business data cabling, call us on 01327 300311 or click here to complete our contact form. 
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