There are many reasons why you would need to recover data from your computer 

Hard Drive Failure 

The life span of a traditional spinning computer hard drive is 3-5 years and it stores all your programs, the operating system and in most cases all your documents, but what happens when it breaks? 
When the hard drive of a computer fails, your computer will no longer work, although the hard drive can be replaced, unless the data can be recovered, you will have lost everything, which can be disastrous for your business. 
If you have suffered a hard drive failure on one of your business PCs then contact us. In most cases we can recover all the data from a failed hard drive and reinstall it on a new hard drive. 

Upgrading Your Business PCs or Laptops 

Technology moves quickly and no sooner have you bought new PCs, there are upgraded models available. Although you are not likely to change your business computers every time a new model becomes available, over time you will need or want to do so. 
Operating systems will only be supported by the software providers for several years and once this support ends then your computer will need replacing, although businesses usually need to replace their PCs before this happens. 
If you are thinking of replacing your business PCs then we can help. We can clone your computer and install all your programs and software on to a new PC or laptop, then deliver it to you ready to go. We can even transfer your data and software from a Windows PC to a Mac PC or vice versa. 
Business computers are used far more than personal computers which is why their lifespan is shorter. Your PC may be starting to slow down, or taking longer to start up, which is why you are considering upgrading. As with any equipment, regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan. 

Deliberate or Accidental Deletion of Business Data 

We’ve all done it, deleted a document in error, or not saved the work we have done and then the PC crashes meaning that all that hard work has now disappeared. 
But what about malicious deleting of your business data? Unfortunately, it can happen, a disgruntled employee can (and in our experience has) delete essential business data, which can have a devastating impact on your business. 
If your business data has been deleted accidentally or maliciously, then contact us to help retrieve it. 

Ransomware Attack 

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are on the increase and in the case of a ransom ware attack, this can leave you unable to access your data, unless you pay the cyber attackers. 
If you experience a ransom ware attack, contact us first, as we may be able to access your data, without the need to pay the attacker. 
If you need support with recovering any of your business data, call us on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form. 
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