Have you considered a VOIP phone? There are real benefits to having a phone that works across the internet as opposed to a standard land line. For example: 
Line charge is cheaper 
Call charges are cheaper 
Number can be diverted to another landline or mobile number in minutes 
You can work from anywhere, even have the telephone number permanently forwarded to a mobile phone giving your business the appearance of having a permanent office. 
These are just a few of the benefits of a VOIP phone system. 
With BT announcing that all analogue phone systems will be terminated from 2025, any new business phone system will need to be a VOIP system, so why not make the switch today. 
Call us now for a quote to upgrade your phone system, we provide no obligation quotes and can add additional internet points into your office or business if required. 
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One of the additional benefits of a VOIP phone system, because it works across the internet, is that you can literally work from anywhere. Unplug your phone from the office, plug it into any network point or even your computer and any calls you make will show as your office phone number. Although if you don’t want to take your phone with you, you can divert the number to your mobile all from an online dashboard. 
During COVID-19 VOIP phone systems have helped businesses move seamlessly to working from home. Any voice messages can be replayed from your phone system dashboard and email notifications are automatically sent to the email address of your choice. 
With more businesses allowing employees to work from home, or even from different parts of the country or world, a VOIP phone system is the most flexible option. We can transfer your business telephone numbers to your new VOIP system and program each phone with the correct telephone number. 
The potential savings to your phone bills is huge. Due to the way VOIP phone systems work we can structure call plans to save you money and fit around the needs of your business. 

Additional benefits of a VOIP Phone system 

Call forwarding, divert, barring & hunt groups; 
Music on hold; 
Time based routing, this allows you to automatically set the hours that your calls are diverted to your answer phone; 
Conference calling; 
Disaster recovery; 
Any standard geographical dialling code; 
Auto attendant; 
Call recording; 
Call queuing; 
Voicemail on each handset; 
Voicemail to email; 
Company & personal address books; 
Ability to upscale your telephone system without the need for additional phone lines; 
Check voicemail via the VOIP online dashboard from anywhere. 
Our VOIP phone systems are flexible and cost effective, call us today on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form to arrange our free no obligation quote. 
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