Do you have a Business Disaster Plan and if you do, does it cover your IT Infrastructure? 
If the worst really happened and you lost your business computers, would all your business data be lost? A study undertaken reported that 40% of SMEs don’t back up their data at all, and when they do 40-50% of those backups are not fully recoverable. 
There are many reasons why you would need to implement your disaster recovery plan, but you need to have a plan in order to implement it. 
If you don’t have a plan, then please contact us for a no obligation discussion about the processes we can put into place to ensure that if the worst does happen, your data is secure, with timescales to get you fully operational again, wherever that may be. 
If disaster has already struck, we guarantee to be with you within two hours, often sooner. 
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IT Disasters come in many forms. 

Most IT disasters are not as severe as your premises going up in flames, they are usually confined to one piece of IT equipment, such as a PC or an onsite server. 
We have a range of tools available to recover your business data, whether it is stored on a hard drive or a server, very often huge amounts of data can be recovered, servers made operational again and PCs repaired. 
Protect Yourself - Minimise Impact 
By installing the correct back-up systems, implementing proper procedures, and utilising the latest technology, we can help you to minimise the impact, cost and downtime of an IT disaster. 

Industry Leading Recovery Systems 

We install, configure, and implement the industry’s leading disaster recovery and data integrity software. 
Should an issue arise we can get you up and running again almost instantly on a separate machine using settings and information stored and backed up every 15 minutes. 
By ‘virtualising’ your existing system the loss of data and configuration is almost negligible and is the perfect way to protect you and your business should the worst happen. 

Protect from Cyber Threats 

There are also cyber attacks to consider, a ransom ware attack can cause as much disruption to your IT infrastructure and business data as actually losing it in a fire. The volume of cyber attacks is increasing, with new threats and types of attacks constantly emerging. Cyber attacks, especially phishing, are also getting harder to differentiate from legitimate emails. 
If you cannot access your business data, can you even run your business? 
Don’t put your business operation and success at risk, contact us on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form to ensure that your IT Infrastructure and business data is secure, no matter if or how disaster strikes. 
Keba Computers – we put the IT in Quality. 
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