For most businesses, their IT equipment is key to the running of their business. If your computers are not working to an optimum, then your business is not as effective as it could be. 
At Keba Computer Services, we understand that reducing computer downtime is key to keeping your business running smoothly. A PC, over time, like any other piece of equipment can start to slow down or break. If this is ignored then the problems could increase. 

How can our IT Support help your business? 

Slow PC 

Honestly, you should not be able to go make a coffee in the time it takes for your PC to wake up. 
There is nothing more frustrating than when you can work quicker than your PC. There are several reasons why your PC may be running slowly. The older your PC is the more storage it will be using, there are likely to be old programs that you no longer use, which may still run in the background. 
Documents that you do not need any more, even excessive emails, these are just a few things that could be slowing your PC down, or it could just simply be wear and tear. 
We always suggest that if one of your business PC's is running slowly that you contact us, as it is may save you time and money in the long run, rather than waiting until your PC breaks. 
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If you would like more information on our PC Health Checks please click here 

PC Software Support 

Unlike PC hardware failures, which usually require onsite IT support, most PC issues are software or Operating System (OS) issues and in most cases, we can resolve the issue remotely. Our remote IT Support means that we can get you back working again more quickly as we have dedicated remote IT Engineers on hand. 

Mac Repair 

Unlike a lot of IT Support companies, we do not just repair windows PCs we also repair MAC’s. Like most forms of technology, you will have a preference to a computer OS. Which is why our IT engineers are trained to be able to repair any issues you are experiencing with your MAC. 

Linux Repair 

Although not many businesses use Linux, some customers do prefer it as it is an open source solution. If you are experiencing issues with your Linux computer, we can help. We offer our IT support on a pay as you go basis or we also offer IT Contracts. The benefits of IT Contracts is that there are no large unexpected invoices, you pay a monthly service charge and then your IT repair labour costs are covered. 
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If you would like more information of our IT Contract packages please click here
Whatever issues you are experiencing with your business computers at Keba Computer Services, we can help get you up and running again quickly. 
Call us on 01327 300311 or complete our short contact form to get your Business IT running smoothly again. 
Keba Computers – we put the IT in Quality. 
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